Yoledo Life Tools

Concept, Product development, Visual, UI, UX, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Print

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A personal project I worked on in 2015-2016. It features printable and web tools that allows us to reflect on, organize, and schedule life, and set priorities.

Lucky Diary

Product, IA, Visual, UI, UX, CSS, HTML
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A personal web app project I built in 2012-2013 from ground-up, together with a JS/RoR programmer. It's an easy-to-use private diary that asks one inspiring question every day.

Life Manager

Product, IA, Visual, UI, UX, CSS, HTML

A personal web app project I built from ground-up in 2014-2015, together with a JS/Meteor programmer. It's a web tool that allows us to organize and schedule life, and set priorities. Currently in private alpha.

Annual Review

Product, IA, Visual, UI, UX, CSS, HTML
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A personal web app project I built in 2011, together with a JS/RoR team. It's meant to be used at the end of the year; it guides people to review the past year and set goals for the next.

TSP - Overture

Visual / UI

The client needed a tactile feel for the UIs for several large touchscreen kiosks.

TSP - Victoza

Visual / UI

The client needed a tactile feel for the UIs for several large touchscreen kiosks.


Visual, UI, UX

A mobile web app onboarding process.

iKonic Apps

Visual, UX, CSS, HTML, jQuery
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The promotional website for a mobile app, which was eventually integrated into Wordpress. Client asked for a friendly, yet professional-looking website.

Daily Challenge

Visual / UI

A social web app that uses gamification to create healthy habits for users. Client asked for intense, bright, fresh look and feel.

Hi, I'm Ilina.

During the 15 years I've been in the design field, I've been driven by a deep curiosity about how visuals affect our perception, comprehension and behavior. I'm ever fascinated by (and a life-long student of) the techniques through which design can tell stories that change minds, create opinions, and prompt actions, before the viewer ever reads any of the words on a page.

In understanding the power of design I've realized two things: 1) Beauty is just a small part of what design is all about, and 2) Every pixel counts.

Design communicates - it's a language. But good design is poetry. The possibilities are endless; the impact comes from focus; at the core of it all is the intention - but it's all about how everything comes together in the end.

A little more about me:

My name is pronounced "E-lee-nah" Born and raised in Bulgaria Studied Graphic Design 1999-2003 in University of Bridgeport and Purchase College, SUNY I've launched two personal web app projects and developed a third I'm also a photographer (I've been published in magazines and on billboards worldwide, and on close to 500 book covers) I also like to write songs, rollerblade, dance, and read books about psychology and the brain.


What clients say:

"Ilina is a sophisticated designer with strong sense of brand and attention to detail. She designed our Daily Challenge web application under very tight deadlines. Always communicated effectively and worked as a seamless part of our team throughout our entire process. She has great user experience instincts and provides beautiful interfaces that are both elegant and usable. I would hire her in an instant and would love to work with her again."
Sean Landry, MeYouHealth

Mike Roberts Our file sharing project was large and divided into several phases over several months. The extremely high quality of Ilina's work was the same on day 180 as it was on day 1. The design not only looked good but was also intuitive and very easy to use. It was a definite hit with our customers. There is absolutely no question Ilina has secured the number one "go to" slot for design at PerfectShare. Bottom line... Ilina does design like Mozart does music. Hire her."
Mike Roberts, PerfectShare

Alison Held“Hiring Ilina to create my brand identity and website was one of the best things that I did for my business. She spent time with me to create crystal clear messaging and target my audience. Then she produced the most beautiful website, logo, business cards and stationary. It has been 5 years and I still receive many compliments on all these items and am continuing to attract my ideal clients!”
Alison Held, HealthfulDirection

"Ilina is rapidly emerging as one of the best web designers in the world. Her instincts, creativity, attention to detail, balance, use of color and typography are second to none. To top it off, she's a joy to work with, endeavoring to understand a project's requirements deeply in order to deliver the perfect, timeless design."
Rick Ellis, ElliLab

"Ilina is a top-notch professional who delivers high quality results. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience working with her to completely re-design our website. She was very responsive and detailed in her communication. We appreciate the amount of time she spent via email and phone collecting our thoughts and feedback. After hearing our initial ideas she suggested great improvements. The first draft mock-ups were delivered earlier than we anticipated and nearly identical to the final version we chose. We worked together to make slight refinements to the website until it was to our complete satisfaction. Ilina is very detail oriented and customer focused - thanks for the awesome new website! We would not hesitate to use her again or recommend her to others. "
Brad and Melinda, iKonicApps

"Working with Ilina for the past 7 months has been an incredibly productive experience. Her design work and professionalism are second to none. I'll never again work with anyone besides Ilina for design. She's by far the best!"
PJ Palmieri, RealAdvice