Ilina SimeoNOva

design portfolio


A 90-day guided journal that supercharges your day with mindfulness and positivity.

project Type: Print Design

Participation: Concept, Branding, Design, Writing, Photography & Photo Editing.

Team: Worked with a print manifacturer to define construction details and submit for production.

Overview: A guided diary / journal that offers daily routines that improve well-being, helps plan your day, log events, and track wellness metrics.



Guided planner/journal hybrids that help regulate daily well-being were available on the market, but I felt they could be improved significantly in look and feel, and offer additional very useful features.


I aimed to create a sophisticated design utilizing some color, and provided additional tools that help analyze tracked variables and life balance.


There are two main considerations I had as I designed this product. First, it was a new product to an existing line, yet very different in functionality and purpose. So I wanted to create a distinctive look, yet keep some vague familiarity to the product family. To contrast the other products' darker look, for this product's cover I used a light color scheme. However, I preserved the radial / upper-central design approach. The second important consideration was usability. I've noticed that in journals / notebooks it's much more comfortable to write higher on pages than on the bottom, as the body of the book offers support for the hand. So I placed the more writing-heavy sections towards the top of the spread, while keeping any sections that require only reading or minimal writing / box-checking / item circling, towards the bottom of the pages.


With this design I aimed for a "personal" feel. Since it's a wellness-focused product I used a green and white color scheme. I felt the almost-white cover would add a sense of breathability and purity. Throughout the design I used the black color as an accent, to add contrast (make the design a bit punchier) and a bit of a "cool" feel. Each spread is dedicated to a single day, and has a Morning and Evening routine, which I placed at far edges of the spread, set apart with a green background. I kept the spreads' design symmetrical to give a soothing, calming sense of completion.