Ilina SimeoNOva

design portfolio


A goal-setting system that keeps your daily schedule aligned with your life priorities.

project Type: Web Design

Participation: Concept, Branding, Design, Illustration, HTML & CSS, PDF printables.

Team: Worked with a programmer to build the functionality for the user dashboard and the back-end.

Overview: A website that offers customers free and premium printable planning tools.



The purpose of this website is to build a relationship with the LUCKY Life Tools customer base. It does so by visually communicating the brand message and offering free and premium PDF printables that focus on goal-setting, planning, and much more.


A one-page overview of the brand's offerings links to the purchaseable products, as well as to the "free" and "club/bonus" printables available after a quick signup.


Through the design I wanted to convey a sense of expansiveness, simplicity, and peacefulness. So I chose to open the experience of the website with an atmospheric image of bright blue sky and grass/clouds from a low point of view (one could imagine they're lying oun the ground in a green field, looking at the sky). I added subtle twinkling stars (pure HTML & CSS) to add a sense of magic, possibilities, and excitement about the furture. I think it's what planning one's life should feel like! The brand's primary colors are a lively green and blue, to communicate a calm yet vibrant sense of well-being. The main purpose of planning & organization tools is to fight overwhelm - so I kept the intro free of clutter, and the page content organized in structured and neat-looking boxes.