Ilina SimeoNOva

design portfolio


A goal-setting system that keeps your daily schedule aligned with your life priorities.

project Type: Web Design

Participation: Concept, Branding, Design, HTML & CSS, Photography & Photo Editing.

Overview: A website that introduces (and describes in detail) the Life Planner paper product.



To create an informational website that describes in detail the content and features of the LUCKY Life Planner.


A simple one-page website that walks the visitor through the product's content.


The planner has two cover versions: a Pink Floral and a Black Brush. Initially I wanted the brand to have a sophisticated black & white theme. However, that made the overall feel a bit lifeless, and caused the pink version's color to overwhelm the brand. I didn't want that, because I wanted the brand to appeal to men and women equally. Also, I wanted it to feel more active. So I decided to introduce a third color - one that's warm, bright and vivid (to enliven the feel), yet complementary to the products. I settled on golden yellow because I felt that even though it was very present and lively, it didn't steal the show from the planners. I also felt it was a particularly inviting color for the products' peak season (winter). So I carried the warm theme through the social media posts and the online product listings.


Since the Life Planner's parent company is LUCKY Life Tools, I created a spin-off logo that utilized the same elements, but with a more universally appealing typeface.