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iKonic Apps merges Outlook functionality with mobile convenience. Access to Outlook email has never been easier with the Outlook Web Email app, optimized for iOS. Get the look and feel of the Outlook experience on your iPhone and iPad.

Our Story

In early 2011, a few friends decided to end their frustrations with Safari-only email access and build their own tool to get emails from work. Realizing that others could benefit from their project, the team introduced the first version of Mail+ via the App Store. Users quickly expressed their appreciation and the company formalized to spend more time developing features and improvements. Providing a reliable, user-friendly method for accessing email remains iKonic Apps’s primary mission.

Two years later, iKonic Apps continues to evolve the mobile email experience. In an effort to reach users across the world, iKonic Apps has expanded their team and their market to include partnerships with other third party companies to distribute on an enterprise level. In all areas, iKonic remains committed to delivering high-quality products with a flexible and friendly customer experience.

Our Founders

Brad Van DykBrad Van Dyk
With a background in computer science, Brad enjoys combining his interests in technology and business. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife, dog, and large Apple product collection.

Michael SpechtMichael Specht
Michael is passionate about using exclamations in every email, sms, and letter he writes. His strong technology skills have led the full-time development of iKonic products for over a year.