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Combine the power of better mail, calendar, contacts, tasks.

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    Mail+ for Outlook

    Access your business communication when and how you want. The desktop feel of office email is now specifically designed for mobile business users. Keep work and personal separate without missing an email, invite, or task.

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    Mail+ for Gmail

    Experience Gmail for iOS, done right. Your favorite core apps are combined and reinvented with Mail+. Read emails with familiar threaded conversations, manage calendar events, and quickly access your contacts with auto-complete technology.

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    Mail+ for ActiveSync

    Secure and protect access using Microsoft ActiveSync. As an IT admin you have the flexibility to set policies, block users, and manage risks. Business users enjoy the same connectivity to manage email, calendar, contacts, and tasks.

All-in-one Solution

Combine all of your must-haves. Easily access your mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks using a seamless experience. Stop wasting time fumbling between apps to look at your schedule before responding to an email – now you are just one click away.

Separate Personal & Professional

You have a life outside of the office. Enjoy your iOS device without the constant ping from work. When you are ready to connect with the office, quickly open Mail+ for your latest emails, invites, and tasks... on your schedule.

Access Your Account

Avoid the pinch-and-zoom experience of checking email in your browser. Instead of repeatedly entering passcodes or allowing your company to access your personal device, Mail+ can securely access your mail, calendar, and contacts.