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Mail+ is AppConnect Enabled

AppConnectMany of our enterprise customers have asked for enhanced security and management capabilities. Mail+ is now integrated with MobileIron's AppConnect, supporting comprehensive application management for enterprise applications.

With this integration, enterprises have the benefit of:

  • Deep Integration
    Connect, manage, and enjoy Mail+ to ensure a secure and controlled app environment without disrupting the end-user experience
  • AppConnect
    AppConnect auto-detects Mobile@work on the device and enables the user a seamless single sign-on experience using their MobileIron passcode
  • Secure Data Removal
    If a user violates an app or device policy, the app and all its data can be selectively wiped by MobileIT without erasing the entire device
  • Data Loss Prevention policies with copy-paste and file forward restrictions
    Can prevent employees from inadvertently sending sensitive information to third party apps
  • Align corporate security and management requirements with Mail+

Mail+ Configuration Values

  • ActiveSync Configuration
    iaserver, iausername, iaemailaddress
  • Certificate Authentication
  • Passcode
    iapasscoderequired, iaalphanumericpasscoderequired, iaallowsimplepasscode, iaminpasscodelength, iaminpasscodecomplexcharacters
  • Device Identifier
    iasigningrequired, iaencryptionrequired, iasmimecertificate
  • AppTunnel
    AppTunnel is not supported for any ActiveSync app but client certificates can be used with iaclientcertificate