Goal Setter

Brainstorm, set, and organize your goals, and create a plan of action.

Yoledo Goal Planner

The Goal Planner Kit is a collection of tools that allows you to outline, prioritize, and detail your current goals. It's designed to help you organize your goals and stay focused.


Jot down all your goals, then select the ones to pursue first, and define deadlines

3 Goal detail pages (3 variations - personal, social, professional)

For the goals that require most of your resources and attention, this tool provides an in-depth planning system. You can use it to outline the goal details, deadline, otivation, resources you have and should utilize; potentail obstacles and weaknesses, ideas on how to overcome them, an action plan, and a 1-year timeline.

Master Plan

Gives you a bird-view of your top 10 goals, while allowing you to prioritize them, and detail the top 3 goals.

The Yoledo printable is a worksheet that gives you the structure and the guidance to go through this process. It's totally FREE, so feel free to download and share.

PDF Printable

SIZE: U.S. Letter size 8.5"x11"

BINDER FORMAT: There's margin on the left to allow use with a binder folder.