Life Balance

Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, or dissatisfied? Examine your life and see if you might need to balance better.

Yoledo Life Balance printable

Intense focus is often the best strategy when we work towards achieving our goals, whether they be personal (lose weight), social (find a meaningful relationship) or professional (launch a business). But if we prioritize these pursuits for extended periods of time to the exclusion and neglect of other important life areas, such as family, hobbies, or finances, we might not only become a very boring person... We may in fact burn out so severely that we'd sabotage the very goals we're trying to achieve.

We only live each day once... It's worth making time for all important parts of our lives - Personal, Social, and Professional.

Life Areas

Rate your level of satisfaction in each area of your life:











Prioritize Accordingly

Decide on the top 3 areas to focus on, the middle six that you should still maintain and grow, and the bottom 3 you can safely ignore for the time being. This segemntation works on the principle that Life balance is not achieved by giving equal amounts of attention to each life area - but by giving it attention proportionally to the area's current importance & urgency in your life.

Bonus points if your top 3 areas fall into a different category (i.e. 1 personal, 1 social, and 1 professional)!

The Yoledo printable is a worksheet that gives you the structure and the guidance to go through this process. It's totally FREE, so feel free to download and share.

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