Life Planner

Define your long-term vision for each area of your life & set your goals.

Yoledo Life Planner printable

The Life Planner Kit is an in-depth check-in with your life. It's designed to help you clarify where you are in life now, and focus on where you're headed.

Life Areas

You're then guided to examine each of the 12 areas of your life, and reflect on where you are now, and where you want to be.











Priorities Planner

gives you an opportunity to outline your Life Areas in order of priority, and have an at-a-glance view of your top goals and next steps.

1-Year Timeline

keep yourself laser focused on your top priorities by spreading your goals throughout the year.

20-Year Plan

page to define your major life goals, and jot down your ideas on how to spread them over the next 20 years (and beyond).

The Yoledo printable is a worksheet that gives you the structure and the guidance to go through this process. It's totally FREE, so feel free to download and share.

PDF Printable

SIZE: U.S. Letter size 8.5"x11"

BINDER FORMAT: There's margin on the left to allow use with a binder folder.