Schedule & To-Dos

Plan your goals, tasks and events in Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly formats.

Yoledo Schedule tools

This is a set of printables that you can use to schedule your time. Choose between various formats and layouts.

Daily Planner

This page includes a section for the schedule, task list, a wellness tracker, gratitude list, and priority section.

Weekly Planner

The weekly planner helps you schedule your tasks and events.

Monthly Planner

Organize your schedule, to-do's, and priorities, in one page. Two versions included - one has the weeks start on Monday, and the other has the weeks start on Sunday.

1-Year Timeline

Keep yourself laser focused on your top priorities by spreading your goals throughout the year.

The Yoledo printable is a worksheet that gives you the structure and the guidance to go through this process. It's totally FREE, so feel free to download and share.

PDF Printable

SIZE: U.S. Letter size 8.5"x11"

SINGLE FORMAT: No extra margin.