Life Manager

A web planner that helps you design a fulfilling and balanced life.


Unlike other planning systems, Yoledo looks at your whole life. It helps you keep focused on your big goals, while staying on top of all other life areas that matter to you. It gives you the tools to:

Create a LifeMap

See your whole life at a glance.

  • Neatly organize all your current and future goals, projects and tasks within each area of your life.
  • Comprehensive management tools, such as nesting, easy reorder, action types (recurring, paused, someday), notes.
  • ¬†Dive deeper into each life area and add detailed notes, such as your vision, role models, ideas, resources.

Set your Priorities

Fight off overwhelm and distraction with simple yet powerful prioritization tools.

Top Priority Planner

If you chase two rabbits you catch none. The Top Priority Planner keeps you from overwhelm by defining one major goal at a time. You can create a sequence of "Top Priorities" so you can free up your mind from all your grand plans, and focus full force on each goal while you work towards it.

LifeMap Filtering

Prioritization is as easy as drag-and-drop reordering throughout the app. You can also pause or filter out life areas and action items that are currently not relevant - and it's just as easy to switch them back on.

Organize your Tasks

Focus on the now

Once you have a clear picture of where you're going, you can make sure you make progress towards your long-term goals along with your daily tasks. This tools lets you capture new tasks, drag the action items that you want to work on right now, and organize them in order of priority.

Always in sight

Whether you're in LifeMap view or in the Calendar, your task manager is always there to help keep your focus on the present moment.

A Calendar like no other

Everything you need, plus some cool innovative features:

Life Balance feedback

A cool stats feature tells you how much of your time you've been scheduling in your personal, social and professional life.

Use it as your journal

A calendar can be a super convenient place to keep a diary or a journal. Page back to see not only what you prioritized and accomplished, but also what you thought, felt and experienced.

Assign labels to track things

Visual labels that help you track various things, such as habits, occurrances and conditions. You can then easily view the recurrances throughout the year.

Yoledo wants you to live a balanced life.

If you've ever experienced burnout, or felt a sense of missing out on life, you've probably been realizing there's more to life than work. Yoledo helps you to stop putting off life.

We at Yoledo believe that a balanced life comes from an equilibrium between your Personal, Social and Professional parts of your life. Taking care of your physical and emotional wellbeing, connecting with others, and doing work that matters, all play part in living in joy and fulfillment.

100% Private and Secure

Your privacy is our top priority. Your information is protected with the highest level security encryption, and nobody except you will ever be allowed access to your content.

Yours Forever

Print, Import and export your data, and you can keep your information online even if your subscription expires (until you decide to delete your account).

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